Aircraft Leasing and Sales 
ITC-Aerospace, Inc., acting as a full-service operating leasing agent delivers a wide array of valuable services including brokerage, fleet planning, revenue yield management and route analysis. The ITC team develops, negotiates, executes and closes complex transactions from traditional operating leases and fleet renewals to structured financings.

ITC is the exclusive import distributor for the following popular aircraft manufacturers (vendor financing is available):
   Britten-Norman Group【British Company】

【Islander】 One of the best-selling twin-engine piston produced in Europe. 11-seater. Short take-off distance makes it one of the most popular commuter planes used in Japan.
• Maximum Cruise Speed:274km/H
• Cruising Distance:1400km
• Loading Capacity:1280kg
   Pilatus Aircraft Limited 【Swiss Company】

【PC12】 12-seater multipurpose aircraft. Single-engine plane with a high-performance turbine. Suitable for domestic business flights.
• Maximum Cruise Speed:494km/H
• Cruising Distance:3320km
• Loading Capacity:1197kg
   Daher-Socata Company 【French Company】

【TBM850, other models】 World's fastest 6-seater single-turbine aircraft. Suitable for domestic business flights as well.
• Maximum Cruise Speed:592km/H
• Maximum Cruising Distance:2813km
• Loading Capacity:603kg
 Erickson Air-Crane Company 【American Company】

【Air-Crane】 Popular aircraft designed for wildland (catastrophic) fire suppression and other heavy-lift operations (Maximum 10t).
• Maximum Cruise Speed:400km
• Tank Capacity of Fire Extinguishable Water:10,000 L
• Time for Tank Refill:45 sec.
• Maximum Time for tail water:Approx. 8 min.
  In addition, ITC is a major importer and exporter of pre-owned airplanes and helicopters. The firm has a proven track record in successfully bidding for governmental aircraft providing it with highly maintained pre-owned fleet that can be sold and/or leased overseas. ITC has been active in buying and selling aircraft from the following manufacturers: Boeing / Airbus / Bombardier / EMBRAER / ATR / SAAB / Bell Helicopter Sikorsky / Eurocopter / Agusta and others

 Aircraft's Operating Lease and Finance Lease
ITC arranges aircraft operating leases for Japanese and overseas aircraft operators and other aircraft because in addition to being an excellent investment the aircraft owner is provided a tax efficient vehicle where considerable depreciation benefits are provided.
 Operating leases are also called "leases with a residual value". This means that the Lessor will retain the aircraft title and residual value risk at the end of the lease term. This unique structure enables Japanese investors to enjoy the tax depreciation provided by such aircraft investment, while providing operators the flexibility to structure their aircraft assets off-balance sheet at lower rents than finance leases.

Aircrafts may be resold after the lease term expires. The pre-owned aircraft market is a well-developed and reputable marketplace. Aircrafts are required to remain in good condition by the regulator and the manufacturer and are kept in such condition by strict maintenance requirements written into lease agreements. This allows for transparent pricing of the aircraft's residual value.

 Aircraft Management and Asset Maintenance
We manage and operate aircraft on behalf of aircraft owners. ITC can arrange to charter an aircraft to a third party when the aircraft is not being used by the owner, reducing the owner's operating and maintenance costs.

Currently, ITC is arranging operating leases for mid to large size business jets covering Asia and parts of Russia on behalf of Asian independent business jet airlines. ITC's proprietary yield management systems and experience in managing aircraft assets has been proven to enhance our clients overall profitability.

 Appraisal and Evaluation of Aircrafts
 Our valuation services are driven by the needs of our clients. Those who come to ITC want information that is highly regarded and accepted by leading airlines, banks, investors, lease companies, courts, receivers and other interested parties. We stand alone in our support for investors and operators who are new to this marketplace, as well as to those who have vast experience in hospitality.

 Consultant to the Airline Industry
 ITC handles aircraft M&A and performs consulting services for both startup and existing airline companies. Our range of experience includes domestic and international air carriers as well as regional air taxis. ITC can assist throughout the entire airline development process---from the initial feasibility analysis through the development and implementation of the business and operational plans.