International Technology Corporation Group ("ITC") was founded in 1983 by Mr. Tomoo Nakayama in Tunis, Tunisia. Prior to founding ITC, Mr. Nakayama served as a Managing Director in Itochu's Tunis office where he provided long term financing for large-scale transportation, industrial and communications projects in the North African and Middle East Region.

During his twelve year stay in Tunis, Mr. Nakayama financed projects in excess of US$1.2 billion: Mr. Nakayama provided innovative financial structuring and solutions to his clients in areas as diverse as ships, aircrafts, micro-wave telecommunication networks, cement plants, chemical fertilizer plants and pipes for oil drilling. He also did extensive work in Japan and worked with companies including Itochu, Komatsu, NEC, Hitachi Zosen, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Nissho Iwai (now Sojitsu).

ITC is now based in Tokyo, Japan but operates on an international level. ITC-Group's aircraft division now named ITC-Aerospace, Inc. provides worldwide marketing and sales, aircraft asset management and consulting services. Another aircraft division, ITC-Leasing, Inc., specializes in international lease structuring for various aircraft types ranging from Boeing and Airbus passenger jets, Bombardier regional jets, turboprops, and Bell and Eurocopter helicopters.

The company has grown under Mr. Nakayama's leadership to become one of Japan's leading private aircraft brokerage and leasing companies. The aircraft sales and leasing business is conducted through ITC-Aerospace, Inc., which procures aircraft and helicopters for airlines and operators and generally sells them to high net worth Japanese investors. ITC-Leasing, Inc. is also the asset management arm of ITC-Group; acting as the Lessee for Owner-Lessors and the Sub-Lessor for airlines and operators.

ITC is uniquely positioned in Japan as a sole proprietorship focusing only on aircraft and helicopter operating leases worldwide. ITC is the only company who focuses exclusively on the aircraft industry, a position that affords a deep and professional understating of all aspects of aircraft and helicopters .

ITC's knowledge in this space is widely acknowledged and appreciated by other leasing companies, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and creditors. ITC's business model allows it to better serve its clients' aircraft financing needs and has been validated through the firm's market share and frequent repeat business with airlines, operators and investors.

 ITC Group and Helicopter
ITC-Leasing, Inc., founded in 1989, was a pioneer in offering operating lease structures for regional and commuter aircraft and helicopters as tax oriented investment products. Prior to the creation of ITC-Leasing Inc., aircraft and helicopter operating leases had not yet received widespread recognition as the most effective way to get off-balance sheet financing within the industry.

At the end of the 1980's, the Japanese economy entered a period of stagnation forcing many aircraft owners to sell their aircrafts in order to maintain their cash levels. ITC-Leasing, Inc. capitalized on those distressed aircraft sales and effectively introduced the operating lease structure as a financial solution for operators and private owners.

In addition to being an innovator in aircraft financing and leasing, ITC-Leasing, Inc. has also been recognized as a leading Japanese aircraft marketing and advisory service provider. ITC-Leasing, Inc. also provides valuation services and aircraft monitoring services to airlines and operators.

ITC conducted Japan's first helicopter auction jointly with HeliValue$, Inc., the internationally recognized helicopter valuation company. The success of this auction was due to the joint efforts of both ITC and HeliValue$, Inc., providing bidders worldwide the most accurate and attractive resale values of used aircraft coming out of the Japanese market. ITC's comfort with aircraft residual values enabled the firm to package the sale and leaseback transactions at attractive terms for the operator while providing an advantageous risk adjusted return for ITC's investors.

From 1994 to 1996, ITC acquired Mitsui & Co.'s entire leasing portfolio of helicopters. Through additional acquisitions and by providing highly structured and innovative solutions to its clients during a period of stagnant growth for the Japanese economy, Mr. Nakayama was able to grow ITC into Japan's largest helicopter leasing company within 10 years of its inception.

In 1995, Mr. Nakayama with Mr. Frank Jensen, the then President of the Helicopter Association International (HAI), an international helicopter association, founded the Finance and Leasing Committee ("Committee") as one of the twenty committees of HAI. Mr. Nakayama was the Chairman of the Committee for four years, dedicating his time to the global development of the aircraft and helicopter leasing industry. Mr. Nakayama was then asked again to become the Chairman in 2006 and ended his term in 2008 with Ms. Sharon Desfor, Helivalue$, Inc.'s president succeeding him.

In 2002, ITC co-founded the China World Helicopter Association (CWHA) to assist in opening the civil helicopter market to the world with great assistance from Mr. Roy Resavage, the late President of HAI. Mr. Nakayama served as one of the two Representative Directors of CWHA. There, he and CWHA's Honorary Chairman, Mr. Gian Franco Blower, the former President of HAI and Mr. Luo You Zhen, CWHA's Representative Director negotiated the opening of low altitude air space for civil helicopters with the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. They also worked to deregulate the aircraft industry from the military's control and to introduce aircraft safety procedures and guidelines.


 ITC Group and Fixed Wing
In 1989, ITC became the official representative in Japan for Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., the Swiss manufacturer of single-engine turboprop aircrafts. Since then, ITC has been active in the fixed wing aircraft market in both brokerage and leasing.

In 2005, Japanese commercial airports were deregulated to allow business jets to use these facilities. ITC was one of the first to recognize the demand for business jets and capitalized on the new legislation by structuring the operating lease of a Bombardier Global Express aircraft as its introduction into the Japanese business jet charter market.

2005 was also the year that ITC structured the first operating lease where a Boeing 737 aircraft was registered in Russia with a Japanese owner. This marked the first time a Japanese leasing company structured an operating lease with a Russian national airline (SAT Airlines which is based out of Yuzuno-Sakhalinsk). ITC was able to get comfortable with this transaction by leveraging its infrastructure and upholding the firms stringent due diligence policies.

ITC is presently creating a fund to capitalize on price dislocations in the aircraft industry where owners are liquidating aircraft assets at distressed prices. The fund will focus on providing investors with a maximum risk adjusted yield and will not be marketed as a tax oriented investment product. ITC expects to secure the required regulatory licenses to sell this fund to investors in the first half of 2009.


 ITC Group and Operating Lease
ITC has historically been active in the aircraft operating lease business and has built a strong reputation with private owners, corporate owners, operators and airlines. ITC's experienced management team has managed up to 70 aircraft simultaneously (30 domestically and 40 internationally), uniquely positioning the firm to compete with larger general leasing companies.

ITC has maintained its dominance in advising operators in acquiring Japanese governmental aircraft where the firm has an approximate 70% market share. ITC's experience and innovative approach to structuring sale-leaseback transactions provides the operator with a competitive advantage in bidding for these aircraft.