Aircraft Lease Sales - Operators
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Date: 2024/04/01

Location: Head Office, Tokyo

Interested applicants may send their Resume with a Cover Letter, along with copies of college or university certificates, and letters of previous company’s employment (Two or more).


Title – Associate / Assistant Manager
Function – Aircraft Lease Sales


Aircraft Lease Sales – Operators

Details about the department

New position.
One assistant manager or associate, depending on sales and marketing experience and profile.
Reporting line: President and Executive Vice President (Daily reporting shall be made solely in English, but other communication may require Japanese).

Company Description

Family-owned aircraft leasing and trading company with a specialty in general aviation (a sector that covers all of aviation apart from military and commercial airlines). ITC has an operating history of over 30 years. A well-experienced commercial director leads the company as president and CEO. The company is often perceived to be unique in the sense that the company’s internal language is predominantly English, with a multi-cultural office, where you will be working with people from Australia, Canada, the UK, Peru, the Philippines, Pakistan, and Japan. The company has customers worldwide, with a primary focus on North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Employment status


Period of employment

Full-time employees: No stipulations (65 years old with retirement age system).

Probational Period

Six months

Salary range

  • Depending on the experience.
  • If performance is as expected a bonus equivalent to two months’ salary shall be paid twice per year in summer and in winter, hence a total of four months additional salary. Exceptional performance may be subject to an additional bonus.
  • A salary review is done every six months, where fair assessment would allow salary raises and extra bonuses for those who exceed their qualitative or quantitative targets.

On-the-job training

Intensive on-the-job training shall be provided throughout and beyond the probational period. The candidate would be expected to be proactive in learning.

Recruitment background

Due to organisational expansion, we need more team members to coordinate/assist/drive sales, transactions, client relations, and management of the sales pipeline to support company growth, whilst developing their own careers.

Expected joining date

As soon as possible

Role Summary

This department is responsible for identifying, executing, and coordinating aircraft lease sales at a project level, focusing on managing the transaction and the client relationship. Depending on experience, ownership of the project will commence after key terms have been negotiated with the client by senior management, with a long-term hope for the right candidate to take on negotiation responsibilities and initiate new business.

  • An Associate candidate will be expected to support the management and their communication with existing and new clients, focusing on marketing and building relationships.
  • An Assistant Manager candidate will be expected to display strong project management skills, coordinating various internal/external departments so that the transaction successfully closes. An Assistant Manager of sales will involve a greater level of expectation to source and develop new business by identifying and chasing their own leads.


  • Conduct marketing through a range of platforms and methods, coordinating with management and the public/client relations manager.
  • Support management on the initiation of relationships with new customers and solidify relationships with existing customers.
  • Research the Aircraft’s current value, future value, and marketability, using our database, and come up with the lease proposal.
  • Coordinate with our Legal Department or Credit Department, conveying the required documents for us to complete the customer assessment.
  • Planning, scheduling, and executing transactions at a project level.
  • Awareness and coordination of the progress of related departments.
  • Identifying and solving project-delaying bottlenecks.
  • Budgeting third-party costs and overall project costs.
  • Responsibility for transactional payments being made to meet transaction deadlines.
  • Oversight of internal approval of transactions.
  • Coordinating with various departments so that ITC can make informed/optimized decisions, tying together technical, commercial, and legal considerations.

Qualification Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or similar – commerce, engineering, financial, or legal qualifications may be beneficial.
  • Outstanding PC Skills (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel)
  • Outstanding Presentation Skills.
  • Strong in number.
  • Ability to manage, or the motivation to learn how to handle competing needs in a cross-border environment.
  • Solution-oriented, time-focused with a mindset to resolve problems now rather than later.
  • Ability to project manage, multi-task, and adapt to different audiences/perspectives.
  • A keen interest in understanding the general aviation industry.
  • Strong coordination and multi-tasking skills.


English: Business / Native level
Japanese: Beneficial

Desired Characteristics

  • Eager to learn, including during intensive on-the-job training.
  • Awareness of own limits and ability to ask for help.
  • Open-minded and realistic about the steep learning curve of entering a new industry/organisation.
  • A natural communicator and team player.
  • Strong sense of ownership, a natural leader.
  • A positive and energetic person.
  • A good logical thinker and a good listener. It is ideal if one has lived abroad and been exposed to various cultures. Please see above for the geographical distribution of our customers.
  • Professional, well-organized and detail oriented.
  • Interests/passion outside of work, i.e., a hobby, focused on work/life balance: work hard, play hard.


The company will be flexible and open-minded to consider additional/specific terms for the right candidate.

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